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A blog about managing and improving customer experience and improving profits.

Business In a Post-COVID-19 World
A change consultant's thoughts on how management will change as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. How can your company leverage the threats and opportunities that arise?

Small Company + Big Data = Huge Impact
Learn how even small companies can use data to improve marketing and find new customers.

6 Steps to Affordable Video Marketing
Need to develop a video for content marketing or social media? Here's a great how-to primer to get you started.

The Amazing Healing Power of CLV
By including both retention and conversion-related elements in one number, Customer Lifetime Value provides leaders with a new tool for understanding customer profitability.

Finding Increased Profits through Better Complaints Management
Customer complaints, when properly analyzed, indexed, and tracked, can be a source of market intelligence and a means of identifying process improvement needs. By identifying problems which are driving customers away, and developing a system for addressing the root causes of the complaints, the complaints management process can contribute to incremental profits. Originally posted October 16, 2016

Customer Relationship Management Not Just for Big Business
Whether your company is large or small, starting a CRM is easier than you think and more important than you ever dreamed. Originally published November 10, 2016

Portfolio Approach to Nonprofit Fundraising
For nonprofits, the failure to properly value donated time can lead to some significant errors when it comes to resource allocation. We describe here a simple analysis that can help nonprofit leadership recognize the true value of each annual activity in terms of what it costs and brings to the organization.

Time Lost, Money Lost
Most of us are used to managing our own time, but rarely think about managing time as an organizational resource. This article explains how to analyze time, recognize how it is being wasted systemically by your employees and what you can do to address the root causes. We provide best practices and favorite solutions for tackling large time "leaks." Originally published, August 6, 2015

The Seven Deadly Sins of Customer Experience
Customer loyalty is important to the profitability and economic health of businesses and nonprofits. We provide seven questions leaders need to ask about their organization and identify Seven​ Deadly Sins which drive away loyal customers and/or members and reduce profits in the organization. Originally published October 24, 2014.

Locking customers in is usually a bad idea. That's what Comcast found out when a departing customer recorded his call.